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Check out the rad new Stick Figure Spotlight video debuted at League Festival

If only the fighting in League actually looked this good.

Hyun’s Dojo, a popular YouTube animation team known for its stick figure fighting animations, has worked with the League of Legends team to produce what fans have been waiting for - Stick Figure Spotlight V. The animation debuted at the League Festival at LA Live on Friday night.

The animation shows many champions duking it out. We have intense blade battles between Yasuo, Master Yi, Irelia and Riven. Then the animation moves on to show Gragas, Annie, Illaoi and Gangplank. The final scene depicts Jhin and Caitlyn having an epic showdown, only to be interrupted by Aurelion Sol.

As usual, the video is filled with memes and references during character intros. We have an Overwatch reference during Yasuo’s, a Cowsep reference during Master Yi’s, Boxbox for Riven’s and even a Pokemon Go reference for Irelia.

We could spend forever listing all the references here, but you should just watch the video.

The most bizarre reference in the video is a photo of former Team SoloMid top-laner Marcus “Dyrus” Hill’s head photoshopped onto a tree.

Why is he there? We just don’t know. Either way Hyun’s Dojo did a fantastic job on this video and we can’t walk for Stick Figure Spotlight VI!