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Teamfight Tactics patch 9.18 change list

Introducing, Neeko’s Help!

Riot Games

Things may have slowed down on Summoner’s Rift, but they’re ramping up in Teamfight Tactics.

There’s going to be a new system for how items drop, though it’ll be similar to what we already have. Items will be classified by rarity and drop in little boxes. Don’t worry, this shouldn’t change the items you get too much, but it’ll ensure that all players will get at least a certain number of rare items throughout the game.

Neeko’s Help is a new item releasing that you put on a champion and it’ll send a one-star copy of the champ to your bench. (It won’t change back to into a Neeko, though.)

As usual, you can check our Riot’s full patch notes on its website, as well as our own tl;dr to break down the patch. If you’re looking for patch notes that apply to Summoner’s Rift or ARAM games, we have those on a different page.

Mystery Box System

We’ve changed how items are distributed in PVE rounds. The goal is to keep a variety of experiences across many games, but also to make the game more fair over the course of a single game.

  • Common boxes contain: gold, champions, or Neeko’s Help
  • Uncommon Boxes contain item components, gold, champions, or Neeko’s Help
  • Rare boxes contain: Spatulas, full items, gold, champions, or Neeko’s Help
  • Every player gets approximately the same number of boxes across a single game.
  • Every player gets approximately the same number of item components across a single game.

Neeko’s Help

Place on a champion to create a 1-star copy of that champion and add it to your bench. Doing so consumes Neeko’s Help.


XP Adjustments

Due to the slightly inflated gold from the new loot system, we’ve made some adjustments to how much XP it takes to level.

  • Level 5: 10xp -> 12xp
  • Level 6: 18xp -> 20xp
  • Level 7: 30xp -> 32xp
  • Level 8: 46xp -> 50xp
  • Level 9: 64xp -> 70xp

Champion Tier Drop Rates

We’ve made some minor adjustments to how likely which tier champions will appear at a few different levels. We’re hoping these make clearer early, mid, and late game phases.

  • Level 3 by Tier: 65%/ 30%/ 5%/ 0%/ 0% -> 70%/ 25%/ 5%/ 0%/ 0%
  • Level 5 by Tier: 37%/ 35%/ 25%/ 3%/ 0% -> 35%/ 35%/ 25%/ 5%/ 0%
  • Level 6 by Tier: 24.5%/ 35%/ 30%/ 10%/ 0.5% -> 25%/ 35%/ 30%/ 10%/ 0%
  • Level 9 by Tier: 10%/ 15%/ 35%/ 30%/ 10% -> 10%/ 15%/ 33%/ 30%/ 12%
  • All other levels remain the same.

Champion Pool Sizes

It’s proven a bit too consistent to get 2 star tier 3 champions, so we’re shrinking the bag size to reward players who build the path less taken.

  • Tier 3 champions in pool: -> 18

Item Stacking and Clarity

We took a pass at all the items to ensure that they stack in a sensible way, and that we’re informing you when they don’t. Adding copies of items that do not stack will now cause them to bounce off any champion they are placed on. Unique items will be labelled as such in their tooltips. All items listed below are not intended to stack.

  • Youmuu’s Ghostblade
  • Knight’s Vow
  • Frozen Mallet
  • Yuumi
  • Blade of the Ruined King
  • Darkin
  • Phantom Dancer
  • Morellonomicon
  • Red Buff


New Nine Piece Bonuses

We’re adding new nine piece chase options for some of the traits that can be completed with Spatula items. These are not teasers for new champs this time! But we like the high end chase options so we wanted to explore a few more.

  • Assassin 9 piece: Grants 225% crit damage and 40% crit chance
  • Sorcerer 9 piece: Grants 175% ability power


We’ve added some extra power to four piece wild so that the four wild units actually get a benefit from four wild. We think it’s going to be wild.

  • Wild (4): All your allies gain 12% AS per attack (up to 5 stacks) AND their basic attacks can’t miss.

General Trait Adjustments

  • Elementalist Golem’s Armor: 20 -> 40
  • Knight Damage Reduction: 15/30/55 -> 15/35/65
  • Assassin jump delay: 0.325sec -> 0.395sec


Tier 1

  • Camille Attack Damage: 50 -> 55
  • Elise Spiderling Attack Damage: 50 -> 60
  • Graves Armor: 20 -> 30
  • Kassadin Attack Damage: 55 -> 50
  • Kha’Zix Starting/Total Mana: 0/50 -> 0/65

Tier 2

  • Pyke Starting Mana: 75 -> 50
  • Twisted Fate Health: 450 -> 500
  • Twisted Fate Blue Card Mana: 20/35/50 -> 30/50/70

Tier 3

  • Evelynn execute threshold: 65% -> 50%
  • Evelynn execute multiplier: 3/5/7 -> 3/4/5
  • Katarina Mana: 0/100 -> 0/85

Tier 4

  • Akali Ability Damage: 150/275/400 -> 200/350/500

Tier 5

  • Anivia Ability Duration: 800 damage over 8sec -> 800 damage over 6sec
  • Pantheon Health: 1000 -> 850
  • Pantheon Attack Damage: 80 -> 75


  • BF Sword Attack Damage: 20 -> 15
  • Frozen Heart debuff duration: 2.875sec -> 4sec
  • Locket of the Iron Solari shield amount: 250 for 6 seconds -> 300 for 7 seconds
  • Swordbreaker chance to disarm: 25% chance to disarm for 4 seconds -> 33% chance to disarm for 3 seconds
  • Zephyr banish duration: 5 seconds -> 6 seconds


  • Morgana’s ability will now work consistently on isolated summoned minions and neutral monsters.
  • Zeke’s Herald and Locket of the Iron Solari will no longer give their buffs to enemy team units if re-enabled after Hextech.
  • Kha’Zix’s ability now always deals true damage if 3 Void is active.
  • Luden’s Echo now properly hits the main target of an ability.
  • Camille Ability: Evelynn will no longer be able to escape the root using her ability.
  • Camille Ability: Shyvana will now dash in place rather than lose all of her mana without transforming.
  • Camille Ability: Pantheon and Vi will not cast their abilities while rooted.
  • Frozen Mallet’s tooltip now properly reflects the extra health it grants.
  • Darkin’s tooltip now properly reflects the extra mana it grants.
  • Grievous Wounds tooltips now properly state that they reduce healing by 80% rather than 100%.
  • Demons will not gain mana through their trait if mana locked.
  • Brand’s ability was bouncing two more times than intended. It now bounces the appropriate amount of times.
  • Fixed a bug where Rek’Sai was healing for half the intended amount.


Teamfight Tactics new music will change based on what phase of the game you’re in. For instance, during shopping phase the music is calmer and less busy, but as battle phase starts the music transitions into a more energetic combat driven style. There are also 3 different “chapters” of music: the first chapter goes from the beginning of the game to when first player is knocked out. The second is from that point until there are only 3 players left. Then the final chapter brings us home.