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Teamfight Tactics is getting a new item drop system

Items will now have a rarity assigned to them and will drop accordingly

Riot Games

Teamfight Tactics developer Mortdog took to the forums to announce an upcoming change to how items work in the auto-battler game mode.

The biggest change to the item drop changes is that champions can now drop as loot. If your bench is full and a champion is dropped, it’ll get converted into gold. Loot will also be classified in common, uncommon, and rare colors, which will be signified by boxes.

To avoid a pure RNG-fest, there will be a new type of bad luck prevention installed, making it so players are guaranteed at least two uncommon boxes, as well as at least one other item, up to three. Players also won’t be able to get more than three rare boxes per match, and those boxes will only drop after stage 2-6.

If this is all confusing, fear not. Outside of the the new chance to obtain champions, you’ll still be getting your items — they’ll just look different and be tiered accordingly to how good they are.

These changes will come in patch 9.18, which is developing into quite the big change patch for Teamfight Tactics.