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Star Guardian Little Legends coming to Teamfight Tactics

Two new Star Guardian creatures and one familiar one

Three new Star Guardian-themed Little Legends stand over the orange Teamfight Tactics clouds Riot Games

Three new Little Legends are coming to Teamfight Tactics and they’re all Star Guardian themed.

Dango, Fuwa, and Shisa, are three new Little Legends that are classified as Series 4. While Dango and Fuwa seem new, Shisa is actually Star Guardian Soraka’s familiar, and can be seen in her splash art, as well as in a summoner icon. The other two haven’t been seen before, but are a welcome addition to the Star Guardian universe.

Each Little Legend has six forms including its base form. We don’t know too much about what the other forms look like, but Riot did show off what the upgraded base forms look like in its announcement post.

An upgraded Dango has arms and bigger ears, an updated Fuwa has long floppy rabbit ears, and an upgraded Shisa gets quite the mane Riot Games

As usual, these Little Legends will only be available in their usual loot box forms. If you need a refresher on how to upgrade your Little Legends or how the egg system works, we have a guide for that.

These adorable new friends will make their way to live servers in patch 9.18, alongside the launch of the new items for Teamfight Tactics and a new batch of Star Guardian skins.