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New Protector, Hushtail, and Paddlemar Little Legends are coming to Teamfight Tactics

Your loyalty to the original Little Legends is being tested

The three basic Protector, Hushtail, and Paddlemar Little Legends Riot Games via The Rift Herald

New Little Legends cosmetics for Teamfight Tactics moved on to the Public Beta Environment, alongside the new Hextech origin and its four new champions.

The new Little Legends appear to be a turtle, Paddlemar, a fox, Hushtail, and a tiger, Protector. Each creature seems to have six different models on the PBE, though it’s unknown what tier each form is. Hardcore Little Legends fans may be able to tell just by their textures alone.

With these three on the horizon, are you still loyal to your original favorite? Are you in Hushtail Gang now? Or maybe due to the realization that Riot will add more Little Legends, you are patiently waiting for one that really suits your aesthetic and interests. We won’t judge you, we promise.

To get Little Legends, you have to buy RNG-based loot capsules. Rolling dupes in the capsules upgrades your Little Legends. We have a guide on that, if you’re still a bit lost.

This post will be updated as more information becomes available.