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Pantheon will be the next Teamfight Tactics champion

The iconic warrior will be a Guardian class unit with a Dragon origin

Dragonslayer Pantheon’s splash art, which has him landing from his Grand Starfall Riot Games

Pantheon’s rework is barely a day old and Riot’s already dropping some news about League’s iconic spear and shield warrior: he’s coming to Teamfight Tactics. The announcement was made in a tweet from the official League of Legends Twitter account on Thursday afternoon which included a video of Pantheon and his ability.

The video shows a board with just two units on it, Aurelion Sol and Leona — notably two members champions closely associated with Mount Targon — as they face off against the AI controlled dragon. A second or two later and suddenly Pantheon comes crashing onto the board with his Summoner’s Rift ultimate Grand Starfall, which will be his TFT ability. The flashy jump instantly one-shots the dragon and wins Pantheon’s side the match. The ability appears to take Pantheon off of the game board briefly, before he slams back down and deals damage. It’s unclear if the ability will hit multiple targets, though it certainly looks like it will, but in the video the only enemy is the dragon.

This teaser may only be a few seconds long, but there are plenty of extra secrets to find in it. On the left side of the screen we can see that the team composition has the Guardian class bonus, and the Dragon Origin bonus. With only an Aurelion Sol and a Leona on the field outside of Pantheon, that means we know he’s going to be a Guardian Dragon. The Pantheon in the video — who is a full upgraded three-star unit — is equipped with a Frozen Heart and a Rabadon’s Deathcap, which means his ability is going to scale off of AP damage.

Pantheon will be the sixth new character added to TFT, bringing the mode’s total roster to 56. Riot’s tweet doesn’t include any information on when we can expect Pantheon to make it to TFT’s live servers. Riot’s most recent champion additions to TFT were Camille, Jayce, Vi, and Jinx, who were all part of adding the Hextech origin to the game. Those four champions were on the Public Beta Environment for two weeks of testing, so it’s likely that’s how long it will be until Pantheon is added to the live game.