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Twisted Fate is Teamfight Tactics’ 51st champion

The Card Master is coming to Riot’s auto battler mode

Riot Games

Twisted Fate is the first new champion that’s going to be added to Teamfight Tactics, at least if Rioters on Twitter are to be believed. The first tweet hinting at the new champion came from Teamfight Tactics set designer, and former Summoner’s Rift balance team member, Riot Wittrock. Wittrock tweeted, “Champion #51 is coming to TFT...” along with a mysterious image. His tweet was then retweeted by Riot Maple Nectar, the product lead on Teamfight Tactics.

The image is clearly a super close-up view of a certain splash art, which means there are still hundreds to choose from. But a few clever fans in Maple Nectar’s mentions were quick to point out what champion it probably is: Twisted Fate.

And it certainly seems like they’re right. There’s no way to be sure, but if you aren’t convinced take a look at the splash art for Twisted Fate’s Cutpurse skin.

Riot Games

This splash should look familiar to you for two reasons. The first is that it’s already in Teamfight Tactics. It’s the splash art that Graves has since in that mode he’s part of the Pirate origin. The other reason it should look familiar is that it certainly seems to be the zoomed out version of the image Wittrock tweeted. Take a look at Twisted Fate’s sleeve.

Twisted Fate’s Cutpurse sleeve
Riot Games
The image from Wittrock’s tweet
Epic Games

Riot hasn’t confirmed which champion the Rioters are teasing on Twitter, but it sure seems like fans are onto something here. And if they are it would mean that Twisted Fate will be TFT’s 51st champion and the first one added to the game after the original 50.

Based on the fact that he’s wearing his pirate skin, and in the same splash art as Graves’ pirate skin from TFT, it seems safe to say that this version of Twisted Fate would also be a pirate. Based on his in-game abilities, it also seems likely that Twisted Fate would be a Sorcerer, but without knowing exactly which ability he’ll use in the game, it’s hard to say for sure.