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Teamfight Tactics missions are now available

Get rewarded for playing TFT now

Riot Games via Polygon

The Teamfight Tactics missions hub is now live, meaning that you’ll actually get rewarded for playing the game mode.

The hub gives you a set of three missions to complete every week, some easier than others. While some of them might require you to play several games, others will be more simple and might just require you to make a specific unit.

Note that everyone seems to have the same missions weekly, which means that if you need to build a two-star Darius, many others might be trying to do that as well.

At the moment, completing weekly missions are the only way to unlock more map skins. As you complete missions, you’ll earn points and move up the Beta Pass bar. You can also earn an “Orb of Enlightenment” every day to net yourself a bonus of Beta Pass XP. Nice.

Most of these missions can be completed passively as you play, but maybe keep in mind how many Nobles or Pirates you might need to put down.