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How to upgrade your Little Legends for Teamfight Tactics

Time to buy some eggs and hope for upgrades

Riot Games

Little Legends may not be the main focus of Teamfight Tactics but they’re certainly the most adorable part of the mode. But getting new Little Legends and figuring out how to upgrade them can be a bit of a pain. So, we’ve got a full rundown of how to get your favorite Little Legend to make even the worst TFT games a little bit better.

How to get your first Little Legend

To get your first tiny tactical companion, you’ll have a few different options. The first one is to simply buy the one you want. In the League of Legends store, Riot is offering eggs that contain one of the six varieties of Little Legends (Silverwing, Featherknight, Runespirit, Furyhorn, Molediver, or Hauntling) and a matching Summoner Icon. These eggs cost 750 RP each and can only be purchased once.

The second option is to go with one of the random Little Legend eggs that are also available. The options here are either a series 1 or a series 2 egg. These contain a Silverwing, Hauntling, and Furyhorn for series 1, or a Runespirit, Featherknight, or Molediver for series 2. These eggs cost 490 RP and can be purchased as many times as you want, or until you earn all of the varieties and levels of the Little Legends in them.

The final, and least expensive, way to gain your first Little Legend is to complete some of the Teamfight Tactics missions that the client offers you. These missions appear on the Teamfight Tactics page of the client and will earn you points that will eventually grant you a few random eggs once you get 100. This egg can contain any of the Little Legends.

How do I upgrade my Little Legends?

To upgrade your Little Legend you’ll need to buy more of them and get lucky enough for a higher tier of what you have to drop again. Each of the six Little Legends has six variant color schemes that are increasingly rare. Each of these has three tiers of quality that will make your Little Legend grow bigger and get more accessories. To get your Little Legend to the next tier, you’ll need to get lucky and roll the exact same color variety for the exact same Little Legend that you want to upgrade.

Thankfully there are no duplicates so the more things you eliminate from the pool the easier it is to get what you want. Unfortunately, there are still over a hundred different things to unlock so you’ll still have to buy quite a few eggs.