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Teamfight Tactics is bringing elemental changes to the board in Set 2

Rise of the Elements is right

The Pengu Little Legend holds a sword above its head Riot Games

Riot has already revealed the new units coming to Teamfight Tactics as part of Set 2, but there are other gameplay changes arriving with Rise of the Elements as well.

As part of Rise of the Elements, each TFT game will now start with a random element. These elements will determine what element Quiyana is in each match, as well as the element of the Elemental Drake that spawns later in the game.

The biggest addition with these elements is the new Elemental Hex. On each player’s board, one tile will be activated with that match’s specific element. These hexes are the same on every player’s board and units placed on them get specific buffs depending on the element of the hex.

  • Inferno: Gain attack speed for the duration of combat
  • Ocean: Star combat with additional mana
  • Mountain: Gain permanent health that stacks between rounds and remains even if the champion is moved off the Elemental Hex
  • Wind: Gain dodge chance for the duration of combat

When the game reaches stage 3-1, a second Elemental Hex appears on everyone’s board — again, in the same place for every player. This way every player can buff a second unit. But these buffs also take an item slot for units, so a unit with three items can’t receive a buff even if they are on the space for one.

All of these additions are currently in testing, and aren’t guaranteed to stay the same once Rise of the Elements actually launches onto live servers.