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Teamfight Tactics rewards haven’t been decided yet, but they’re coming

Your grind wasn’t for nothing

Teamfight Tactics ranked emotes for season 9 Riot Games

The end of season 9 has almost arrived and that means it’s time to start talking about ranked rewards. Since this is Teamfight Tactics’ first season as a game mode, its ranked rewards are brand new and, apparently, not quite finished yet.

According to a Riot post on the subject from Thursday morning, the full slate of Teamfight Tactics rewards will be revealed sometime in the near future. But if you want to secure your rewards, whatever they may be, you’ll still need to climb in time for the end of the season. All the rewards will be granted retroactively to players who reached the required ranks.

Thankfully we do have one preview of TFT’s end-of-season rewards and that’s the new Victorious Pengu emote. There are different versions of the emote that you’ll get based on your rank. Based on the image that Riot has shown, it seems that this emote will only be available for players that are Gold rank or higher, so if you haven’t made it there yet you better start climbing.

Teamfight Tactics’ season will end when the game goes down for maintenance for patch 9.22.