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Altec’s Kog’Maw pentakill leads FlyQuest to Game 2 win vs. P1

The Canadian AD Carry comes up big in the third-place match.

While Flyquest may have lost game 1 of the 3rd/4th place match of the Spring Split finals, they came back strong in game 2. Johnny “Altec” Ru was even able to secure a Pentakill for himself on Kog’Maw thanks to the support of his teammates.

After a clean fight in P1’s base and a Quadrakill on Altec’s part, Inori’s Kha’Zix attempted to deny the Penta by hiding out in the fountain. However, thanks to the efforts of Balls’ Nautilus and LemonNation’s Karma, who sacrificed their own lives for the sake of the play, Altec was able to dive the fountain and take down the void bug.

Kog’Maw has been an important pick so far this series, with Phoenix 1 using him in game 1. Protect the Kog’Maw, a team composition centered around defending the void puppy to all ends, has been very popular in past seasons, and has recently popped up again around the world in pro play. Kog’Maw is among the highest scaling champions in the game, and when a coordinated team combines him with multiple shields, the result can be deadly, as FlyQuest showed against P1.

Both teams passed on Kog’Maw for game 3, despite his previous success.