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EnVyUs parts ways with mid laner, Ninja

EnVyUs currently scouting mid laners in Korea

Noh “Ninja” Geon-woo, has left Team EnVyUs, according to the team’s official twitter account.

Team EnVyUs had a rough split this year, placing 10th overall and cutting it close in the relegation tournament. The team went up against Gold Coin United in a relegation series that went all the way to five games. While EnVyUs was able to reclaim their spot for the 2017 Summer Split, it appears that they will be looking for a new mid laner while practicing in Seoul.

Ninja has played mid for Team EnVyUs since it bought Renegades’ spot back in the Summer of 2016. Previously, Ninja has played for NA LCS/Challenger Series teams, Team Dragon Knights as well as Renegades.

According to Oracle Elixer’s Spring season stats, Ninja managed to secure 137 kills for himself, the lowest of any NA LCS mid laner 40 games played. Alternatively, he died 136 times, only one fewer than his total kills and 3rd highest for mid laners. He had a -1.1 CS at 10 score as well as the second highest death percentage for his team amongst mid laners at 25.3%, with only Hai beating him out at 25.7%.

Team EnVyUs thanked Ninja for his time with the team in a follow-up tweet.