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Team Envy vs. eUnited 2017 live blog: Scores, highlights, and news from the Promotion Series

The two losing teams from day one battle, on the brink of elimination. Follow along live here.

Riot Games

Team Envy have won the NA LCS Summer Promotion Tournament elimination series against Challenger side eUnited 3-1 and earned a chance to play for re-entry into the LCS on Sunday against the winner of Team Liquid vs. Gold Coin United. Meanwhile, eUnited have been eliminated from the Summer Promotion Tournament and will reenter the Challenger Series next split.

Game one saw Envy play a heavily split push focused style that resulted in eUnited being pulled across the map. Thanks to an early game gold lead secured by NV jungler Lira, EUN was unable to answer Seraph’s fed Camille split push.

Game two was exactly the opposite as a fed Camille — this time played by Licorice — helped EUN secure a quick and clean 25 minute win with a great snowball from Gilius.

The third game was a repeat of the first with Envy relying on a fed Camille split push from Seraph to keep control of the map. EUN fell behind early and never managed to catch up to Seraph who ended the match 9/0/4.

Finally, in the fourth game it seemed like the series broke open, with a strong Envy early game leading to eUnited losing their discipline and making mistake after mistake, each giving Team Envy a bigger lead and a clearer path out of this elimination series. After 34 minutes Team Envy take the game with a staggering kill score of 29-6.

6:10 pm ET — The situation seems to be slipping out of hand for eUnited as NV starts mopping up huge advantages off of unforced errors with EUN players wandering way too close to the incredibly fed members of NV — which at this point is almost all of them.

6:03 pm ET — 15 minutes in and NV is up almost 4k gold. Through a few errors in positioning from EUN and nice plays from NV there is a 6-1 kill advantage in favor of Team Envy. EUN are going to need to catch a couple lucky breaks if they are going to find a way back into this game.

5:50 pm ET — Picks and Bans Game 4

These comps are a pretty big departure from the previous two games. There aren’t a lot of carry threats and eUnited are going to have to rely on picks to get an advantage. Envy’s composition is a little more straight forward and can work with either picks or team fights. Most importantly; red side finally banned Camille. It’s a miracle.

EUN: Poppy, Lee Sin, Ahri, Ashe, Miss Fortune

Bans: Elise, Graves, Ziggs, Talon, Kha’Zix

NV: Renekton, Rengar, Syndra, Varus, Zyra

Bans: Shen, Camille, Rumble, Gnar, Vladimir

5:28 pm ET — NV completes a final push into the EUN base and takes down their Nexus. Seraph ends the game with a crazy 9/0/4 scoreline on Camille.

5:27 pm ET — 30 minutes in and NV take every inhibitor that EUN had. It’s starting to look like the secret to winning games in this series is picking Camille.

5:17 pm ET — At 20 minutes Team Envy are up about 7k gold and effectively separating EUN across the map and controlling the momentum of the game. Seraph’s Camille is at the forefront of this split pushing with a 4/0/3 scoreline that allows him to fight anyone on the EUN side.

5:08 pm ET — A massive fight in front of the dragon pit leaves all five members of Envy low on health but they win a 4-0 trade and grow their lead on EUN to 3k gold at 11 minutes.

4:55 pm ET — Pick and Ban Game 3

Envy are going back to a split push here that is going to require a strong lead for Seraph early. If eUnited can keep the game close until mid, their team fight comp should be fine, if Camille gets ahead they likely won’t have answer for the split push.

NV: Camille, Rek’Sai, Karma, Varus, Zyra

Bans: Shen, Fizz, Ashe, Caitlyn, Vladimir

EUN: Rumble, Lee Sin, Orianna, Ezreal, Lulu

Bans: Elise, Graves, Ziggs, Rengar, Kha’Zix

4:37 pm ET — It’s pretty safe to say that Envy’s double down on aggression team comp didn’t quite work out as EUN even the series in just 25 minutes with a huge snowball from Licorice and Gilius.

4:28 pm ET — Licorice is 7/2/2 on Camille and Gilius is 5/0/2 on Lee Sin. This is a complete reversal of their performances last game and a huge reason that at 16 minutes EUN is up almost 4k gold.

4:23 pm ET — A slew of fights across the maps lead to trades on both sides that ends with EUN having a 7-3 kill advantage at 11 minutes

4:16 pm ET — A botched gank from Lira and a successful one from Gilius leads to eUnited going up 3-1 in kills early

4:12 pm ET — Pick and Ban Game 2

This is a bit of a push-your-luck composition from Team Envy. It is similar but about twice as aggressive (hello, Talon) to try to double down on their early game and force a quicker win.

eUnited picked Kayle. That’s weird. We have seen it twice this year, once in EU and once in the LCK, but it should be a pretty good way to protect Ezreal and stop Talon from getting too far ahead.

NV: Ekko, Nidalee, Talon, Varus, Zyra

Bans: Shen, Ashe, Rumble, Vladimir, Fizz

EUN: Camille, Lee Sin, Kayle, Ezreal, Lulu

Bans: Elise, Ziggs, Graves, Renekton, Gragas

3:50 pm ET — Team Envy closes out their dominant win at 37 minutes. Lira forced a huge early game lead and that was the end of that. Envy never gave up an inch and closed things out cleanly. An almost polar opposite from their previous series.

3:47 pm ET — NV extend an already MASSIVE lead at 33 minutes by grabbing a Baron and another 3 kills. That brings the total up to a 16k gold lead.

I do not think this game looks good for EUN.

3:32 pm ET — This is almost perfect execution of what Envy attempted in the first game yesterday. A 4-1 split push that pulls the opponents attention and deepens a gold deficit that Envy opened up early.

Of course, they never got that lead yesterday, but this time it couldn’t have gone better. 20 minutes and they are up 7k gold and 7 kills. eUnited looks like they can’t quite keep up right now.

3:25 pm ET — 12 minutes in and the old Lira seems to be back. NV have a 4 kill lead with their star jungler involved in 3 of them. They lead in gold in every lane, and have a 3k lead overall.

3:15 pm ET — Picks and Bans Game 1

Team Envy: Camille, Graves, Orianna, Varus, Zyra

Bans: Shen, Ashe, Rumble, Vladimir, Caitlyn

eUnited: Fizz, Rengar, Syndra, Lucian, Lulu

Bans: Elise, Ziggs, Nidalee, Gragas, Lee Sin

This composition for eUnited is incredible aggressive, but the Lulu pick offers them slightly more defensive capabilities than Envy’s comp. Envy are going to be looking for a lot of fights while EUN is likely going to try to grab a few picks before they go in for a bigger engage.

The first day of the NA LCS Summer Promotion Tournament was not kind to Team Envy or eUnited. Both lost their series Friday and will face each other Saturday in a Best-of-5, with the winner going on to play for a spot in the LCS and the loser being eliminated from the tournament.

In their first series of the tournament, Team Envy lost to Gold Coin United 3-1. Envy struggled to get their feet off the ground falling behind early in gold in all but the second game — their only win. This marked a large departure from their NA LCS Spring Split performance in which the early game was their only solid phase in most matches. If Envy are going to overcome EUN in this series it will be determined largely by whether or not they can get back to their early game dominating ways of earlier this year.

For eUnited, the first round of the tournament wasn’t much better. After winning a surprisingly strong first game, driven by Licorice’s Rumble, they were promptly beaten by Team Liquid in three straight games in which they never really had a chance. If eUnited are going to avoid an early exit from the tournament on Saturday they are going to need EU LCS veterans Gilius and Fox to step up and have a bigger impact than they did in the first round.

The best-of-five series will start at 3 p.m. ET.


Team Envy:

  • Top: Woo-Yeong “Seraph” Shin
  • Jungle: Tae-Yoo “Lira” Nam
  • Mid: Geon-Wood “Ninja” Noh
  • AD Carry: Apollo “Apollo” Price
  • Support: Nickolas “Hakuho” Surgent


  • Top: Eric “Licorice” Ritchie
  • Jungle: Erberk “Gilius” Demir
  • Mid: Hampus “Fox” Myhre
  • AD Carry: Matthew “Deftly” Chen
  • Support: Tristan “Zeyzal” Stidam

Series info and how to watch

Both of the promotion series matches will be watchable on Lolesports. The series between Team Envy and eUnited will be on the NALCS2 twitch channel, with the first match likely to kick off around 3:15 p.m. ET.