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Contractz gets 8 kills in first 12 minutes vs Immortals

The Cloud9 jungler has an amazing performance to bounce back from a rough game one.

Riot Games

In the second game of their series against Immortals on Saturday, Cloud9 jungler Juan “Contractz” Arturo Garcia gave far and away the best early game performance of any jungler in North America’s 2017 LCS Spring Split.

The first game of the series saw Contractz constantly playing catch up against Immortals jungler Joshua “Dardoch” Hartnett in the early game and struggling to find his place in team fights during the mid game. This poor performance ultimately helped to give Immortals the leg up they needed to take down the second place Cloud9 in game one.

However, Contractz made up for his game one mistakes in the second game as he grabbed four kills before 10 minutes. This unbelievable early game was punctuated with an invade that, aided by Andy “Smoothie” Ta’s thresh lantern escape, got Contractz two more solo kills and the Immortals Red Buff, giving Cloud9 a monumental lead at only 11 minutes into game two.

Ending the game at 15/3/3 (one of the highest Rengar kill totals we’ve seen in at least the past few months), Contractz helped bring Cloud9 back into the series in a 33-minute victory.

This performance comes in at a key time for Cloud9 as they continue their race with Team Solomid for first place in the NA LCS. Meanwhile Immortals come into this series in seventh place in the league, and continuing their fight for a spot in the playoffs.