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NALCS players pick their valentines in this Yahoo Esports video

Love is in the air!

Yahoo Esports put together a cute video asking a handful of NALCS players who their valentine is this year. While some players responded with some champions they like to play, others responded with actual other players that they’re close with.

FlyQuest’s jungler, Galen “Moon” Holgate, was a popular choice among the players for his friendly personality. (We’ve seen how he performs in LCS, though. We think that he might be a popular choice for more than just his kind personality. Ahem.)

It also appears that Eugene “Pobelter” Park has quite the crush that is most likely unrequited. Regardless, we’ll be rooting for you, buddy. Don’t give up.

Something is refreshing about hearing the players say such lovely things about each other despite the fact that they’re on opposing teams! It’s a nice reminder that the NALCS is like a family, even though the players are competing against each other.

We’re feeling the love.