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Riot ‘Chronobreaks’ C9-FlyQuest Game 3 after Miss Fortune bug

Riot unveiled a new tool that allowed the game to continue from right before when the bug happened.

Riot Games

Cloud 9 vs Fly Quest was the most anticipated series for this weekend of North American LCS. Game one delivered with a hard fought victory from Cloud 9. In game two, FlyQuest responded with a swift victory. In game three... a cannon minion broke Miss Fortune...and then Riot used magic to fix it?

Yes, in the tie-breaking series for first place in NA, Riot took the oppurtunity to show off a brand new tool, the “Deterministic Disaster Recover tool” or “Chronobreak.” This tool can effectively rewind time to before a bug happens, allowing the game to play out as normal without having to remake fully. This remade game started at 10:20, just seconds before the bug that occurred in the first attempt.

The bug in question happened when FLY LemonNation flashed forward to use his Malzahar ultimate onto C9 Smoothie’s Zyra. Responding to the Zyra lockdown, Altec’s Miss Fortune flashes into ultimate range and lets loose onto Smoothie with Bullet Time and Make it Rain. But, unexpectedly, the Miss Fortune ultimate appears to be blocked by a minion.

If you look at the clip above (thanks Zirene), you can see the cannon minion that Altec is standing on appears to, for lack of a better term, “freak out.” Somehow, it seems the cannon minion appears to block the ultimate’s animation. Keep in mind that nothing blocks Bullet Time except for Unbreakable and Wind Wall.

The referees offered FlyQuest a remake at the game time right before the bug occurred. FlyQuest accepted, and immediately secured a kill onto Smoothie on the same play out of the break.