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Cloud9 stuns Team Liquid with Baron steal, backdoor finish in comeback win

Week 4 of the North America LCS started out with a miracle Baron Steal.

Riot Games

The first game of NA LCS week 4 got off to a shocking start, as league leader Cloud9 went down early to a struggling Team Liquid. After going down almost 6k gold at around 25 minutes. This lead held strong up until Team Liquid went for a sure thing Baron kill with Cloud9 still mostly in their base.

Out of nowhere Cloud9 Zachary “Sneaky” Scuderi snipes the baron with a deadly Flourish from Jhin. This kicked off a massive, and methodical, comeback from Cloud9 as they fought back from their deficit.

The key to this comeback was substitute toplaner Ji-won “Ray” Jeon and his split-push on Jayce. The culmination of this split push started as the game drew into the 45th minute with Team Liquid pushing into Cloud9’s base. What at first looked like disaster for Cloud9 quickly turned into a brilliant counter play from Ray as he pushes into Team Liquids Nexus towers, taking them out along with the Nexus while C9 delayed Liquid’s backs.