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Camille support dominates early game for Echo Fox

It may not be where we expected, but she still helped get first blood

Riot Games

Camille, League of Legends newest champion, has finally found her way into the North America LCS, though maybe not the way anyone expected.

After being banned in every prior game, Camille finally slipped through during the pick and ban phase of Echo Fox vs. FlyQuest. After FlyQuest didn’t ban her, Echo Fox quickly first picked the champion. As pick ban continued it became clear that she wouldn’t be playing her normal top lane position, or even her sometimes used jungle off-role. Instead Camille was given to Echo Fox support Austin “Gate” Yu and taken botlane.

Why the position is anything but conventional it is clear that Echo Fox came up with a good use for it quickly as they invaded the enemy jungle with Camille leading the charge:

With Camille’s incredible mobility, provided by her Hookshot/Wall Dive ability they quickly jumped on the Orianna guarding the red buff helping Echo Fox secure first blood and a good start against the undefeated FlyQuest.

10 minutes into the game, Camille has five assists on five Echo Fox kills as the 1-2 team looks to upset 3-0 FlyQuest. The switch also allowed top laner Hyeong-seok “Looper” Jang to play Swain, a champion he is more comfortable with and is better equipped to deal with the Poppy picked by FlyQuest.