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TSM defeats Immortals in grueling 3-hour series

After an agonizingly long afternoon, we can all rest

TSM v. Immortals promised to be a series filled with hype, and it certainly delivered Sunday. The first two games saw TSM fall behind in the early game, only to rally and take down Immortals in a 2-1 series. TSM has shown it is gelling more as a team than it was against Cloud9 Sunday, as showcased by these amazing plays.

In the series’ first game, TSM was able to stop a risky backdoor attempt by Immortals at 50 minutes, earning an ace and turning the game around for an improbable win.

And in game two, TSM was able to steal Baron, prolonging the game. TSM was falling behind the new Immortals early on, down a little over five thousand gold. Hoping to push their advantage farther, Immortals moves to take an early Baron. Things look hopeless for TSM, as four members of Immortals melted it down to sub 2,000 health. Svenskeren, playing Lee Sin, throws a perfect Sonic Wave onto Baron, and waits patiently. At the perfect moment, Svenskeren kicks into the Baron, smites, and safe guards out of the pit.

While TSM would go on to lose this game, Sven’s steal certainly kept TSM relevant a little longer, and kept them fighting going into the final game of the series.

TSM came back in game 3 with a clean, 40 minute win against Immortals. This ties Immortals and TSM in the season standings, with each team going 1-1 this weekend.