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Counter Logic Gaming reacts to Kled and it's hilarious

"That thing looks buuuusted, dude."

The general consensus toward new champion Kled is that he's pretty broken.

It seems that CLG didn't expect the champion to look as...unique as he is, judging by their shock in the introduction of the video.

Jae-Hyun "Huhi" Choi said that he has faced the champion multiple times in solo queue and he's insane and broken every time, contrary to his typical low on-release win-rate.

While there are some squints and looks of concern at the viability of some skills, the team can't stop groaning about how broken Kled looks.

Most champions seem pretty OP on release, but things are always different once they hop in game. We don't know if Kled will be good enough to debut in the competitive scene, but judging by CLG's reactions, he might be!

If you also want to play the new yordle, we have some facts to help you out, as well as an in-depth guide for you!