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Hilarious knock-up bug forces remake of Cloud9 vs. Team Liquid Game 2

What a troll.

The first series of NA LCS Week 5 has featured plenty of excitement so far, starting with a battle between two long-time NA powerhouses in Cloud9 and Team Liquid. After a clean Game 1 win for Cloud9 despite solid play from Team Liquid, the underdogs Liquid looked to turn it around in Game 2 with a very strong start.

Up 8-2 with advantages just about everywhere in the map, Liquid was forced to respond to a four-man dive from Cloud9 in the top lane. But when William "Meteos" Hartman unburrowed as Rek'Sai on Sam "Lourlo" Jackson, an unexpected thing happened: the old knock-up bug not seen in quite a while struck, sending Lourlo's Trundle comically in the air.

This would have been a harmless bug if it wasn't for the fact that Lourlo was attack Zachary "Sneaky" Scuderi. With Trundle out of sight, Sneaky was unable to attack him back, and he ended up dying as Lourlo floated down from the heavens.

Cloud9 was given the option to remake and accepted. The game was far enough along that it will be a full remake, with all-new picks and bans.

Sneaky has a reputation for finding bugs during his stream, so this incident led to plenty of jokes from the League community.