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Immortals put on a tower-diving clinic against Cloud9


Immortals used its composition to perfection early in its first game against Cloud9 Saturday, engaging from distance with Ashe's ultimate and following up with a smooth tower dive to take a commanding early lead.

It's beautiful: Huni starts with the tower aggro, holding on to it for long enough for the rest of his time to deal unimpeded damage.

Let's break it down:

The play starts when WildTurtle lands Ashe's Crystal Arrow on Sneaky, opening a window for both Huni and Pobelter to teleport onto the ward at the bottom of the screen and kill Sneaky, turning their attentions to Bunny FuFuu, fleeing to his turret.

Bunny FuFuu is able to stop Pobelter's approach by landing his ultimate on him, but Huni is able to dash out of the way and draw the turret's aggression by attacking Bunny FuFuu. That buys enough time for Pobelter to kill Bunny FuFuu unimpeded after the Bard ultimate wears off and before Impact can finish channeling his teleport.

Once Impact arrives, Huni uses his ultimate, healing up and removing the tower's aggression. By this time, Reignover's Olaf has arrived, happy to take the tower shots with full health as the team collapses to take out Impact and Meteos.

When Reignover gets too low, he steps out of the turret's range, resetting its aggreesion to Huni, who had healed up significantly by this time.

And voila! That's a clean 4-0 tower dive.