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Is this the newest team in North American League of Legends?

No listed players, but Phoenix1 is occupying a spot on Riot's NA LCS page.

If you take a look over at Riot's NA LCS page, you'll see a new team listed: Phoenix1, occupying the slot of the team replacing Team Impulse next split. Previously, Team Impulse's vacated spot said "TBD."

...and that's about all we know about it.

Phoenix1 doesn't have a roster, but it does have a logo and a team page. There appears to be no Phoenix1 organization anywhere else in esports, besides a Counter Strike team based in Tampa Bay. So either this is a brand new organization, a radical expansion effort, a rebranding of a previous team or simply a placeholder name.

Team Impulse was one of three North American teams forced to sell their spots after Riot banned them from competitive play. Team Impulse attempted to sell its spot last year but was unable to do so. This time around with a mandatory sale imposed, no buyer had been announced by the time Riot's May 18th deadline passed.

As for the other teams banned: Renegades' spot in the NA LCS has been purchased by EnVyUs, a North American esports organization known mostly for shooting games. The team will be known as Team Envy, and kept many Renegades players and staff.

Team Dragon Knights sold its Challenger Series spot to VexX Gaming co-owner Amro "noXn" H. noXn has not yet announced the name of the new organization.

We'll update this post with any new information about the 10th and final NA LCS team. Whether it's Phoenix1 or a different name, the new team will play Echo Fox in its first series on Saturday, June 4. For the full season schedule, head here.