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Watch Team Liquid’s drama-filled documentary ‘Breaking Point’

Behind the scenes of a disastrous season.

Riot Games

Unscripted documentaries are increasingly common in North American LCS. Team SoloMid started the trend back in 2013 with Gamecrib Season 1 produced in partnership with Gamespot. Since then several other teams have jumped on the bandwagon including Cloud9, TSM again with several different angles to the season and production partners.

The latest of these reality series is Team Liquid’s feature length documentary Breaking Point. Billed as a sequel to Rebirth, the series that followed the team’s 2016 season, Breaking Point promised to give viewers an inside look at struggles of Team Liquid’s season and highlight the dysfunction that plagued them throughout the summer split.

One of primary focuses of the documentary is the relationship between Team Liquid head coach Yoon-sup “Locodoco” Choi and jungler Joshua “Dardoch” Hartnett. Mere weeks before the start of the Summer Split Dardoch was suspended for “insubordination,” only to be restored to the roster after a Team Liquid suffered several losses in a disappointing week 1 performance.

One of the goals of the series was to shed additional light on the difficulties and struggles professional League of Legends players and coaches, as well as the sheer amount of pressure they are under and the ways that can put strain on their lives and lead to conflict among each other.

Check out the documentary above and let us know what you think.