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WildTurtle rejoins TSM for IEM Oakland

After a year away with Immortals, TSM WildTurtle is back.

Riot Games

Former long-time TSM AD Carry Jason “WildTurtle” Tran will rejoin his old organization for the team’s upcoming tournament at IEM Oakland, the team announced in a video Tuesday.

TSM has been looking for a new AD Carry since starter Peter “Doublelift” Peng announced he was taking a break from professional play during the upcoming Spring Split.

When Doublelift made the announcement, TSM also announced it would be sitting out of IEM Oakland while it attempted to forge together its new roster. But a few days later, the organization announced that after a surprising amount of interest from veteran ADCs, the team would be able to compete after all.

A 21-year-old veteran in competitive League of Legends, WildTurtle started his competitive career by flying out to San Francisco from Toronto (without telling his mom) to play at the IPL Face Off as a 17-year-old, leading Team Legion to a semifinal finish. I highly recommend watching his full story from the second episode of this year’s Legends Rising series:

WildTurtle joined TSM in February 2013, replacing Shan “Chaox” Huang at AD Carry. He held the job until the team started to struggle in the Summer 2015 Split, ultimately being temporarily replaced by Yuri “Keith” Jew. After one game with Keith, WildTurtle re-entered the starting lineup, but TSM still replaced him with Doublelift at the end of the split.

For the last year, WildTurtle has played for Immortals, earning back-to-back third-place NA LCS finishes with the organization but falling just short of a Worlds berth. WildTurtle’s contract with Immortals expired at the end of October.

TSM will compete along with the Unicorns of Love, Longzhu Gaming, Flash Wolves, INTZ e-Sports and Chiefs at IEM Oakland November 19 and 20. TSM has a first-round bye: you can check out the bracket here.