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How to watch the MSI 2018 Team Liquid vs Fnatic tiebreaker match

Rift Rivals came early this year

The 2018 Mid-Season Invitational has been a pretty memorable tournament on both sides of the Atlantic so far. In the first two days of the group stage, a world where Team Liquid managed no wins at all didn’t seem too hard to believe. Meanwhile, Fnatic — the European side — was looking impressive. But as the week went on the tables started to turn and now both teams sit tied at 4-6. But only one of them can claim the tournament’s fourth and final playoff spot.

Which brings us to the final match of the MSI group stage, a tiebreaker between Europe and North America, Team Liquid going up against Fnatic. With both teams already putting up extremely inconsistent performances and each earning a win in their two matchups so far at this tournament, there’s really no telling which direction this match might go.

The tiebreaker will kick off at the end of Flash Wolves and Royal Never Give Up’s clash for first place, and will close out the first half of the 2018 Mid-Season Invitational. The match can be seen on the Riot Games Twitch and Youtube Channels, as well as on