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Team SoloMid fail to advance from the MSI Group Stage

TSM’s inconsistent tournament ends in a tiebreaker loss against Flash Wolves!

Riot Games

Team SoloMid have failed to qualify for the Mid-Season Invitational Semi-Finals after being eliminated in the tournament’s Group Stage on Sunday.

TSM qualified for the Group Stage after they defeated GIGABYTE Marines in the second round of the Play-In Stage of the tournament. During the Group Stage North America’s first place team managed a record of 4-6, splitting their games 1-1 against every team in the stage except for SK Telecom T1 who TSM lost to twice. This resulted in a three way tie between Team SoloMid, G2 Esports and Flash Wolves.

The tie was broken because G2 had a stronger head to head record against Flash Wolves giving them the third seed while TSM and FW had to play a tiebreaker match. TSM lost the tiebreaker match to Flash Wolves in 38 minutes with a kill score of 16-3.

Team SoloMid qualified for MSI by winning the NA LCS Championship Spring Split. They will return to North America to compete in the NA LCS Summer Split with the re-addition of AD Carry Doublelift to their roster.