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MSI Group Stage Day 3 live blog: Scores, highlights and news

Can TSM recover from a disappointing first two days? Follow along live here!

Riot Games

8:00 pm ET — Team WE take a commanding win over TSM to bring their final record on day three up to 3-3.

7:45 pm ET — 25 minutes in and WE are off to a 7k gold lead and using Baron buff to knock on the door to TSM’s base.

7:18 pm ET — Team WE vs Team SoloMid Pick and Ban

WE: Fizz, Lee Sin, Taliyah, Caitlyn, Karma

Bans: Ivern, Kennen, Graves, Fiora, Nami

TSM: Galio, Kha’Zix, Ryze, Ashe, Lulu

Bans: Kled, Shen, Leblanc, Rumble, Malzahar

7:00 pm ET — After 27 minutes of non-stop action SKT have once again beaten GIGABYTE Marines and remain undefeated so far at MSI

6:27 pm ET — GIGABYTE Marines vs SK Telecom T1 Pick and Ban

Much like all the other times Marines have picked this comp it will focus on roams from Optimus and huge teamfight damage and CC from the Kennen Ziggs combination. Meanwhile, SKT is gonna be all about the teamfights while they attempt to use Orianna and Rumble to distract from the damage over time of Twitch.

GAM: Kennen, Graves, Taliyah, Ziggs, Bard

Bans: Fiora, Braum, Karma, Fizz, Ashe

SKT: Rumble, Lee Sin, Orianna, Twitch, Tahm Kench

Bans: Leblanc, Gragas, Lulu, Garen, Kog’Maw

6:08 pm ET — G2 take a huge win over Flash Wolves 16-1 and are now 3-3.

5:35 pm ET — G2 Esports vs Flash Wolves Pick and Ban

G2: Shen, Graves, Orianna, Twitch, Tahm Kench

FW: Kled, Lee Sin, Vladimir, Jhin, Zyra

5:15 pm ET — GAM take an impressive and dominant victory over Team WE!

4:40 pm ET — GIGABYTE Marines vs Team WE Pick and Ban

It’s a protect the twitch comp, more or less, for Team WE while Marines will be aiming for picks from Ashe arrows to gain a lead.

GAM: Gragas, Kha’Zix, Lulu, Ashe, Zyra

Bans: Malzahar, Kled, Fizz, Kog’Maw, Kassadin

WE: Shen, Graves, Leblanc, Twitch, Nami

Bans: Ziggs, Kennen, Karma, Varus, Syndra

4:16 p.m. ET — With a brutal split-pushing combination of Fiora and Fizz, SKT manages to strangle Flash Wolves of resources and prevent any 5 vs. 5 fight from happening, picking up advantages where it can and playing nearly perfect League of Legends en route to a fifth straight win at MSI. An ace at 35 minutes clinches this one, 8-4.

3:50 p.m. ET — A Flash Wolves-initiated lane swap nets first tower for the LMS team, but poor discipline in the second part costs them the gold lead. With both top laners defending tier 2 towers against three attackers, MMD’s Nautilus tried to fight his trio. It did not work out, as Peanut picked up First Blood and SKT ended the rotation with a 2-1 tower advantage.

3:40 p.m. ET: — SKT vs. FW picks and bans:

Both teams are bringing out hypercarries in the bottom lane, with Kog’Maw for SKT and Twitch for FW. SKT adds some spice to this draft with a blind-pick Fiora, directly challenging MMD (who opted in for a tank with Nautilus).

SKT: Fiora, Lee Sin, Fizz, Kog’Maw, Braum

Bans: LeBlanc, Rumble, Lulu, Gragas, Kled

FW: Nautilus, Graves, Syndra, Twitch, Tahm Kench

Bans: Kennen, Galio, Karma, Shen, Varus

3:13 p.m. ET — What an incredible finish! While TSM takes Elder Dragon at 49 minutes, G2, led by Zven, attempt to backdoor and take the TSM Nexus. G2 comes up just short... TSM kills all five members in a desperate attempt to defend their Nexus, marching down to the other side of the map to take the dramatic 21-7 victory.

3:06 p.m. ET -- Despite trailing by 10k+ gold for the better part of the last 10 minutes, G2 just rushed down a Baron and picked up a kill, pulling back a significant part of TSM’s advantage. It’s 16-7 TSM at 44 minutes, with now a 6.5k gold lead.

2:43 p.m. ET After extending its lead with picks around the map, TSM wins a big 4-1 team fight after a G2 Ocean Dragon, taking a 4k gold lead at 20 minutes.

Svenskeren has three kills so far, while Hauntzer and WildTurtle each have two.

2:33 p.m. ET — TSM has taken an early lead thanks to Svenskerne’s First Blood, partly redeeming what’s been a disappointing tournament for him so far.

2:25 p.m. ET — G2 vs. TSM picks and bans

G2: Gragas, Lee Sin, Syndra, Lucian, Braum

Bans: Kennen, Taliyah, Ivern, Varus, Fizz

TSM: Rumble, Elise, Jayce, Ashe, Tahm Kench

Bans: LeBlanc, Lulu< Karma, Kled Shen

We’re at the halfway point of the group stage of the 2017 Mid-Season Invitational, as we enter the third day of five. The field is starting to come into picture, which is better news for some teams than others.

SKT enters the day an unblemished 4-0, with Flash Wolves, Team WE and G2 Esports all tied in second at 2-2. Marines and TSM are pulling up the bottom of the table at 1-3, with TSM currently on the losing end of the tiebreaker.

TSM kicks things off with a match against G2, and finishes the day with a game against Team WE. Some other games to keep an eye on: SKT vs. Flash Wolves and G2 vs. Flash Wolves. After an 0-2 start, Flash Wolves went 2-0 Thursday, but will have tougher opposition Friday.

Each match up during the Group Stage will be a best-of-one, with the top four teams advancing to the Semi-Final round.


All times Eastern

G2 vs. TSM, 2 p.m.

SKT vs. FW, 3 p.m.

GM vs. WE, 4 p.m.

G2 vs. FW, 5 p.m.

GM vs. SKT, 6 p.m.

WE vs. TSM, 7 p.m.

How to Watch:

You can watch every game live on Lolesports as well as on the Riot Games Twitch channel.