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MSI 2017: Schedule, bracket and live scores from Brazil

Offseason? What offseason?

Riot Games

This year’s Mid-Season Invitational, an annual international League of Legends tournament showcasing each domestic league’s Spring champions, kicks off this weekend with the start of Play-In round. The tournament, which takes place this year in Brazil, will run from the end of April through almost the entire month of May, with a winner crowned after the final May 21.

This is the third ever Mid-Season Invitational. China’s EDward Gaming won the inaugural tournament in 2015, while Korea’s SK Telecom T1 won last year’s competition. SKT is back this year, representing the LCK once again.

This year brings a new format and a whole lot of more teams. It all starts with the Play-In round, which will begin Friday, April 28. All games will be streamed live on Lolesports and the Riot Games Twitch channel, as well as the Riot Games Brazil Twitch channel.

The format

To read more about the intricacies of the new format, including the already concluded play-in stage, click here.

Now we head to MSI proper, where six teams will participate. They will play in one large double round robin, playing two best-of-one matches against every other team in the group. The top four teams will advance to the knockout stage, where will be treated to a best-of-five, single elimination bracket.

MSI will take place on Patch 7.8, with Xayah and Rakan disabled.


Main event

Play-in stage

Schedule and scores

All games will be streamed live on Lolesports and the Riot Games Twitch channel, as well as the Riot Games Brazil Twitch channel.

All Times Eastern

Wednesday, May 10 (Main event round robin)

Opening ceremony, 2 p.m.

G2 vs. SKT, 10-6

WE vs. FW, 16-13

GM vs. TSM, 16-15

FW vs. G2, 8-10

SKT vs. GM, 25-12

TSM vs. WE, 10-6

Thursday, May 11 (Main event round robin)

SKT vs. TSM, 22-6

GM vs. FW, 18-14

G2 vs. WE, 10-3

FW vs. TSM, 17-9

GM vs. G2, 21-19

WE vs. SKT, 17-12

Friday, May 12 (Main event round robin)

G2 vs. TSM, 21-7

SKT vs. FW, 8-4

GM vs. WE, 24-9

G2 vs. FW, 16-1

GM vs. SKT, 35-11

WE vs. TSM, 17-9

Saturday, May 13 (Main event round robin)

WE vs. G2, 19-3

TSM vs. GM, 15-7

FW vs. SKT, 15-2

G2 vs. GM, 19-18

TSM vs. SKT, 19-5

FW vs. WE, 11-7

Sunday, May 14 (Main event round robin)

SKT vs. G2, 16-8

TSM vs. FW, 16-13

WE vs. GM, 12-4

TSM vs. G2, 9-9

FW vs. GM, 22-5

SKT vs. WE, 21-9

Tiebreaker: TSM vs. FW, 16-3

Friday, May 19 (semifinal best-of-five)

Live updates here

SKT vs. FW, SKT 3-0

Saturday, May 20 (semifinal best-of-five)

WE vs. G2, G2 3-1

Sunday, May 21 (final best-of-five)

SKT vs. G2, SKT 3-1

Play-in results

Friday, April 28 (Group A Play-In)

RED Canids vs. Dire Wolves, 15-6

SuperMassive eSports vs. Rampage, 13-7

RED Canids vs. Rampage, 24-22

SuperMassive eSports vs. Dire Wolves, 14-7

Dire Wolves vs. Rampage, 11-5

SuperMassive eSports vs. RED Canids, 7-0

Saturday, April 29 (Group B Play-In) vs. Lyon Gaming, 16-16

Gigabyte Marines vs. Isurus Gaming, 23-12 vs. Isurus Gaming, 18-10

Gigabyte Marines vs. Lyon Gaming, 9-8

Lyon Gaming vs. Isurus Gaming, 22-4

Gigabyte Marines vs., 18-17

Sunday, April 30 (Group A Play-In)

Rampage vs. RED Canids, 8-5

Dire Wolves vs. SuperMassive eSports, 14-5

Rampage vs. SuperMassive eSports, 14-16

Dire Wolves vs. RED Canids, 29-11

RED Canids vs. SuperMassive eSports, 40-27

Rampage vs. Dire Wolves, 19-8

Monday, May 1 (Group B Play-In)

Isurus Gaming vs., 19-10

Lyon Gaming vs. Gigabyte Marines, 2-14

Isurus Gaming vs. Gigabyte Marines, 10-30

Lyon Gaming vs., 14-4 vs. Gigabyte Marines, 27-21

Isurus Gaming vs. Lyon Gaming, 10-16

Wednesday, May 3 (Play-In Round 2, best-of-five)

Team SoloMid vs. Gigabyte Marines, 3-2 TSM

Thursday, May 4 (Play-in Round 2, best-of-five)

Flash Wolves vs. SuperMassive eSports, 3-0 FW

Saturday, May 6 (Play-in Round 3, best-of-five)

Gigabyte Marines vs. SuperMassive eSports, 3-1 GM