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Easyhoon's incredible pentakill keeps Vici Gaming alive

I wish I could play Lissandra like that.

Oh, Easyhoon. SK Telecom T1's former substitute mid laner left for a starting spot in China at the beginning of the year, and he's coming through for Vici Gaming when they need it most.

Here it is: 7-7 Vici, backed up against its base against 4-10 OMG, in a game that will be crucial to Vici's playoff hopes in the final week of regular season play. That's when Easyhoon's Lissandra shines.

The game is still going on at the time I'm writing this, but HOLY CRAP. The LPL season is coming down to the wire for the final playoff spot.

Update: Vici Gaming won the game and secured its spot in the LPL playoffs. See ya there, Easyhoon!