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LGD Imp says he was assaulted after objecting to anti-Chinese remarks

The incident allegedly took place Sunday night.


LGD Gaming AD Carry Seung-bin “Imp” Gu is unharmed after an alleged incident at a Korean restaurant Sunday night, the player and team both said Monday.

Imp reportedly objected to offensive remarks made about Chinese people by a pair of Korean people in the restaurant. After his objection, the two men, who LGD says were drunk, started hitting him, breaking his glasses.

LGD says Imp filed a police report, and that the men “issued an apology and offered compensation.”

We would like to assure everyone that imp is fine. We are beyond grateful that imp has over the last two years come to love China and our culture, and we will do our best to make sure that imp does not end up in a similar situation again!

Imp, 21, is a South Korean native who has played in China for LGD Gaming since November 2014. He first told the story on his stream: