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Worlds 2019: EUW and KR solo queue usernames

You gotta keep tracking your favorite players’ progress, even when they’re away from home

Riot Games

As usual, teams participating in this year’s World Championship are in different regions to bootcamp. While North American teams are bootcamping in Europe, where Worlds is being held, one team went all the way to South Korea for the more traditional bootcamp experience.

It can be hard to track how your favorite players are doing while they’re off in another region, so here’s a list of the summoner names we know of and what regions they’re bootcamping in, with help from trackingthepros:


Cloud9 (NA)

Clutch Gaming (NA)

Team Liquid (NA)

Flamengo eSports (BR)



Isurus Gaming (LLA)

This list will update as more players are found.