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Complete your 2019 Worlds Pick’ems to get in-game loot

Even if you don’t follow Worlds, fill them out anyway

Riot Games

The 2019 World Championships Play-In Stage has wrapped up, which means that the groups have been sorted and it’s time for the main part of the competition. As usual, Riot Games is having players guess who will come out on the top of their groups via Worlds Pick’ems.

Players can click and drag the teams in order of how they think they’ll place in the group stages. Once groups are over, they can guess who will move on in the knockout stage.

For filling out the group and knockout stage Pick’ems, players will get 500 Blue Essence per stage. If they get at least 34 points between the two stages, they’ll get a special icon of a wizard poro. If anyone gets really lucky and their Pick’ems is 100% correct, they’ll be rewarded with each Ultimate skin: Spirit Guard Udyr, Pulsefire Ezreal, DJ Sona, Elementalist Lux, and Gun Goddess Miss Fortune.

Your Pick’ems lock in when the group stage starts on Oct. 12, so even if you don’t really care for Worlds, login and shift some stuff around. The icon is obtainable from any other method, so it might be worth taking an educated guess to earn at least 34 points.