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Riot announces the Worlds Pass for the 2018 World Championship

The new Worlds Pass is here to help you unlock everything you want

Riot Games

The 2018 League of Legends World Championship is right around the corner and for the first time, Riot is releasing a new pass to celebrate. It’s called the Worlds Pass and will come with a few initial rewards as well as allowing players to gain Worlds tokens to unlock more cosmetics throughout Worlds, which will also be paired with Tales from the Rift this year — Riot’s annual Halloween event.

Unlike last year’s Worlds Pass, which simply gave players a set amount of Worlds tokens when they bought the pass, as well as a few missions to unlock more, this year’s pass will give players a few initial tokens as well as allowing them to earn an unlimited amount of them. That means for every first win of the day and game you complete, you’ll be earning a few more tokens to get new Worlds and Tales from the Rift themed rewards.

As for the actual rewards, there are way more than ever this year. First of all, players can unlock a variety of wards, icons and emotes, just like always, or open a Worlds Orb which could contain any variety of goodies. But the more interesting thing here is the chromas — one new gold chroma for each championship skin. Along side that, players can also unlock Position Orbs, through the Tales from the Rift event. But the best reward of all is the Prestige Version of the new Popstar Kai’Sa skin, which includes the skin, a custom splash art, a new border and even new visual effects.

The Worlds Pass will go on sale on Sept. 27 and can be purchased for just 1650 RP. As with last year, 25 percent of the revenue generated through these skins will be distributed to teams competing in the tournament, with 12.5 percent going to teams based on performance and the other half being evenly divided among all of the teams.