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Doublelift stars in Riot’s second Worlds 2018 hype video

A brief trip through the career of NA’s most famous ADC

Riot has released a second animated video in celebration of Worlds 2018 and this time the star is Team Liquid ADC Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng.

The video takes us on a brief trip through Peng’s storied career. It takes us through his time on Counter Logic Gaming, TSM and Team Liquid and covers nearly all of his almost seven years as a professional. We watch as Peng grows into his career as a pro player, all while seeing animated versions of some of the champions that have helped make him famous like Jinx, Lucian and Jhin. All of this is set to music from the popular anime My Hero Academia.

The animated promotional videos for Worlds are always a highlight of the event, but while most years only get one — or none at all — it’s a bit of a surprise to see a second released for 2018. Our first hint that the video might be coming was from a tweet by Team Liquid that showed Peng reacting to seeing himself in the video, though at the time the video itself hadn’t even been so much as teased.