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Renyu has the first Pentakill of Worlds 2018

The first Pentakill of Worlds 2018 was a methodical way to end an important game

Riot Games

The final day of the Worlds 2018 Play-In Stage brought us plenty of action, including a tie-breaker for first place in one group, and the first Pentakill of the 2018 World Championship so far.

The feat was earned by Infinity Esports ADC Renato “Renyu” Gallegos during his team’s match against the Dire Wolves. The match itself carried heavy implications for both teams as a loss in the match for Infinity would likely have sent them home and helped the Dire Wolves advance to the knockout round. But, thanks in part to Gallegos’s Penta, it’s Infinity that moves on instead.

While Pentakills are often the result of one incredible moment on an individual player’s part, this one was more like things going as planned. Just as Infinity were pushing into the Dire Wolves’ base a team fight broke out. Based on the composition Infinity was running, most of their damage in fights was being funneled through Gallegos who proved he was more than up to the challenge. The rest of Infinity initiated the fight and burst down the initial wall of health on the Dire Wolves, then Gallegos was able to follow them up methodically taking down the whole team and securing his team a spot in the next round.

In the Knockout Round of the Play-Ins, Infinity Esports is faced with the tall task of taking on G2 Esports meaning that if the team wants to advance to the official Group Stage they’re going to need everything they can get from both Gallegos and the rest of the team.