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ELEAGUE will televise an original League of Legends feature show next week

An introduction to League’s 2018 World Championships is coming to your TV

ELEAGUE, the esports branch of Turner broadcasting, has partnered with Riot Games to televise an original League of Legends show. The show will debut on TBS on Oct. 19 in anticipation of the Worlds 2018 Quarterfinals.

According to a press release from ELEAGUE, the show, called ELEAGUE’s Esports 101: League of Legends, will be focused on the basics of League of Legends and is designed to help introduce news fans to the game. In particular, the show will focus on some of the in-game basics, the history of the World Championship and a brief introduction of what’s happened at Worlds 2018 so far. The show will be hosted by Bil “Jump” Carter and popular League streamer Kelsie “KayPea” Pelling.

While this kind of show being on broadcast television is a first for League of Legends, it certainly is not a first for ELEAGUE. The company has partnered with several other esports in the past to do similar segments, including Dota 2’s International. ELEAGUE also broadcasts its own tournaments which are held for both Counter-Strike: Global Offensive as well as various fighting games, especially Street Fighter V.

The show will premier on Friday, Oct. 19 at 11 p.m. ET on TBS.