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Watch Cloud9 vs Lyon Gaming in the Worlds Play-in Knockout stage right here

Can Lyon Gaming pull off an upset, or will Cloud9 be the first team to advance from the Play-in?

The Knockout Stage of the Worlds Play-in kicks off on Wednesday night with Cloud9 taking on Lyon Gaming as both teams look to become the first to advance from the Play-in Stage and into the World Championship Group Stage.

For Cloud9, the road here was a relatively easy one as they made short work of the teams they faced in Group B of the Play-in. The team has long centered their play around mid laner Nicolaj Jensen and the games they played last weekend were no different, as almost all of their games were centered around Jensen getting a lead, with a little help from jungler Juan “Contractz” Garcia.

Meanwhile, Lyon Gaming are a team that hasn’t exactly had great luck at the Play-in stage. First, they got the hardest of the possible groups, facing off against China’s Team WE, the most impressive team in the Play-in tournament, and still managing to impress. Now, going up against the Play-in’s, likely, second strongest team Cloud9, the Latin America North team will have to pull themselves up to a whole new level to take down their LCS opponent.

The series between Cloud9 and Lyon Gaming will begin at 11:00 p.m. ET and will be a five game series.