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Worlds Pick’em is back for 2017 with more rewards

You can earn every ultimate skin, all you have to do is guess EVERYTHING correctly!

Riot Games

Update: Pick’em is now live for the Group Stage! Get your picks in before the games begin on October 4.

The 2017 World Championship kicked off over the weekend with its Play-in stage, which will lead straight into the official Group Stage next week. Just like last year, that means it’s time to test your guessing skills with Riot’s Worlds Pick’em.

Riot’s now annual Worlds guessing game will once again ask players to predict the winners for each World Championship match up in the Group and Knockout stages of the tournament before pitting those picks against everyone else in the world to see where they stack up.

According to Riot’s announcement, posted on Tuesday, it looks like there are going to be missions tied to the Pick’em competition this year that will have to be completed before the stage in question begins, October 4 for Groups and October 19 for the Knockout stage. The post doesn’t have any information on what exactly the missions will be, but chances are they won’t ask you to go too far out of your way to complete them.

Also new this year is the slate of rewards Riot is offering to those who participate and do well in their predictions. Everyone will get a Poro icon for participating an an even more special, also Poro themed, icon for getting 34 points over the two stages.

Riot Games

Riot is also offering an extra special reward for anyone that gets the entire slate of predictions right with all four Ultimate skins — Elementalist Lux, Pulsefire Ezreal, Spirit Guard Udyr and DJ Sona — up for grabs to anyone who manages to pull off that astounding feat.

Pick’em will go live for the Group Stage on September 29 at 12:00 pm PT, and for the Knockout Stage on October 15 at 12:59 am PT.