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Team WE and Cloud9 dominate their groups in the first two days of Worlds Play-in

Team oNe and Lyon Gaming will also get to play for their own shot at the Worlds Group stage.

Riot Games

While there may still be a day left in the Play-in Group Stage, groups A and B have already been decided.

Coming out of Group A in first place is the LPL’s third seed, Team WE. WE went through the group with ease defeating Lyon Gaming and Gambit Esports in both match ups against the teams, leaving the group with a perfect 4-0 record. Lyon Gaming will exit the group as the number two seed taking both games against Gambit Esports who, despite their mountain of experience coming into the tournament, couldn’t find a single win during their trip to Worlds 2017.

Meanwhile, in Group B, Cloud9 had little trouble flying past their opponents as they too managed a 4-0 run through their Play-in group. The other teams in the group proved to be better competition for each other, however, as CBLOL’s Team oNe Esports and the OPL’s Dire Wolves traded one game each in their first two meetings. This led to a critical tie-breaker to decide which would advance from the group. With the help of a midlaner João “Marf” Piola’s 5/3/10 Aurelion Sol, Team oNe managed to overcome Dire Wolves in just under 30 minutes to win the Group B tiebreaker and advance as the group’s second seed.

The 2017 World Championship Play-in Group Stage will conclude on Tuesday morning as the final games from Group C and D are played. After that, the first and second place teams will be matched against one another as the four teams that will advance to the larger World Championship Group Stage will be determined.