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Riot already had to use Chronobreak in two Worlds games

Hopefully, the network issues will be solved for later stages of the tournament!

Riot Games

The first weekend of the 2017 World Championship is already more than halfway over and so far we have seen a few great games and a couple of unexpected teams rise to the occasion. However, one thing that has been clear after three days of competition, the technical side of the broadcast hasn’t quite been able to keep up with all the action.

What started on days one and two as just a few random pauses throughout the day, grew into something much larger on day three. During both the Fnatic vs Young Generation and 1907 Fenerbaçe Espor vs HK Attitude matches, the Chronobreak tool had to be used to revert the game back to before the technical issues occurred.

According to a statement on the issue Riot released Monday morning, the pauses, and remakes, stemmed from network connectivity issues that were causing issues in the game and client. Thanks to Chronobreak, Riot was able to stop the issues from affecting the game anymore than was absolutely necessary, simply reverting to just before the issues occurred rather than being forced to restart the entire match.

Riot clarified that the issue is not related to Worlds being held in China, and that their team was investigating the issues that occurred in order to prevent them in the future.