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Here are all LCS pro Korean solo queue names we know so far

Keep up to date with the LCS pros as they prepare for the World Championship meta!

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Every year that the League of Legends World Championship is in Asia, we get a special time of year known as the Korean boot camp. Teams from all over the world travel to the country, or somewhere around it, to practice against each other in the most intensive few weeks of scrimming of the entire season.

But there’s more to the trip than just the scrimmages — and Korean BBQ — for the players, it’s the only chance they have every year to play solo queue matches against every other top level professional player. Every year the solo queue stories get more and more interesting with some games pitting teams against each other and inevitably leading to some amazing highlight reels.

This year, with Worlds being held in China, the Korean boot camp is on once again and some of the LCS players making the trip are already climbing the ladder. So, to help you keep up with all the solo queue drama, we’ve compiled all the summoner names we know so far from the LCS teams.

This list will be updated as more summoner names are uncovered.

North America


Hauntzer - Hauntz

Svenskeren - Love당신
Dangsim is “you” in Korean, so his name is “Love You.”

Bjergsen - 팀혼자중단선수
Bjerg’s name is “Team Solo Stop Player” literally, though we’re betting that it’s a typo, since “stop” is one character away from being “middle.” Whoops.

Doublelift - Kronjuvel
Doublelift went with “crown jewel” in Danish. (He probably asked Bjergsen or Svenskeren for help.)

Biofrost - NA Khadgar


Ray - C9 Ray

Contractz - jajanken

Jensen - Jensen

Sneaky - C9 Sneak

Smoothie - C9 Smoothers


Flame - 임모탈스 Flame
The text before “Flame” just says Immortals.

Xmithie - I gank once time

Pobelter - 겸손하고 근면한
Pobelter picked a name that means “humble and hardworking.”

Cody Sun - SelfTaught

Olleh - 슬럼프를극복하자
Olleh’s name is “Let’s overcome the slump.” Heh.



Alphari - MSF Alphari


Trick - Vacation Life

PerkZ - CarlosR Santiago

Zven - otgt16

Mithy - G2suppportKing



Broxah - FNC Brohaxor

Caps - otfc3

Rekkles - otfc4

Jesiz - FNC Smoothie