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The opening ceremony for the 2017 World Championship finals had a live performance and a dragon

That Elder Dragon, though?!?

The opening ceremony for the finals match between SKTelecom T1 and Samsung Galaxy was amazing.

Dancers were decked out in different masks, unified as the ground around them exploded with visual effects and colors. Taiwanese pop star and LMS team owner Jay Chou performed the Worlds 2017 remix of his League song, “Hero” followed by Against the Current performing a live version of “Legends Never Die” while Chou played the piano behind.

The coordination of the dancers and their uniforms certainly was epic, but the giant Summoner’s Cup and the giant CGI Elder Dragon really put the icing on the cake.

The dancers even stayed out and kneeled, like protecting statues, as the players of each teams came out and stood by the cup. Riot definitely took advantage of the huge and amazing venue for this opening ceremony.

It definitely was an opening ceremony worthy of a legendary battle between the two best League of Legends teams in the world.