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RNG vs Samsung was the best game of Group Stage day 3

Just how good are RNG?

Riot Games

Day 3 of the World Championship Group Stage brought with it a variety of unexpected results and more than a few fantastic games, but none of them come close to the excited of the match between Royal Never Give Up and Samsung Galaxy.

The second seed from China’s LPL going up against Korea’s LCK third seed, and last year’s Worlds runners-up, would be a great match up under almost any circumstances, but at the World Championship with the victor likely to finish first in their group, the stakes were raised to 11 for this match. Beyond it’s implications for the rest of the tournament, this game also helped to completely reset expectations around these teams and forces us to rethink what we knew about which teams are favored going forward.

It’s difficult to explain what makes this game so great without providing a few spoilers, so suffice it to say that you owe it to yourself to check out the best game any team has played at Worlds so far.