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Samsung Galaxy vs Team WE Worlds 2017 semifinal recap

Samsung stumble early, but still manage to make winning look easy.

Riot Games

The match up for the 2017 World Championship finals is set as Samsung Galaxy take down Team WE, 3-1 in the last of this weekend’s semifinal matches.

In the first game of the series on Sunday morning, Team WE seemed thoroughly dominant, but they couldn’t keep that impressive form for the rest of the series as in games two, three and four Samsung completely outclassed their Chinese opponents outplaying them in every stage of the game. Each of the three games the team won were methodical victories where the team quickly snapped up map objectives and left no room for WE to come back.

The Worlds 2017 Finals will take place on Saturday, November 4 at 3:00 a.m. ET. This will be the second time in a row that SK telecom T1 will face off against Samsung Galaxy at the Worlds Finals, a first for League of Legends’ premier tournament.

For a full look at the four games in the series, take a look at our breakdown below.

Game One

Winner: Team WE

After drafting a daring composition, it seemed that Team WE would have to play a basically perfect game to pull off a win here, and they did. WE got a strong early lead, played around the advantages of their bottom lane and gave Samsung no chances back into the game.

Game Two

Winner: Samsung Galaxy

While they may have struggled in the first game, Samsung played their style perfectly in game two. It was smart and controlled and based around taking meaningful objectives around the map. Despite the fact that they lost a couple of fights in the mid game, not a single one mattered as they already had a nearly insurmountable gold lead thanks to their superior tower taking and map movement.

Game Three

Winner: Samsung Galaxy

By now, the results of game one seem impossibly far away. Samsung once again proved to be completely dominant in this game, leaving Team WE struggling to fight kills or even attempt to fight. Instead, Samsung simply took objectives and zoned WE off of every engagement, eventually winning a near perfect game.

Game Four

Winner: Samsung Galaxy

It may not have seemed as clean as games two and three early, but for the third game in a row, Samsung won a game by dominating in every phase. This time, Samsung’s methodology early on favored aggressive fights rather than passive rotations and they proved that it was a strategy that they could employ to the same effect, once again easily taking down Team WE in under 40 minutes.