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Worlds 2017 semifinal bracket and schedule

It’s LCK vs LPL in both matches, and both could go either way!

Riot Games

After a weekend full of shocking results and even a massive upset, the quarterfinals for the 2017 World Championship have come to an end. This weekend will host the semifinals as we see which two teams will earn the right to face-off for the title of World Champion.

In the first match of the weekend, defending champions SK telecom T1 will take on China’s Royal Never Give Up. The tournament has been rough for the Korean side so far as they fell behind in almost all of their game during the Group Stage and only managed to escape Misfits in the quarterfinals. Meanwhile, Royal Never Give Up have sailed past every opponent they have faced so far at the tournament, making this the first time that SKT will go into a series as anything but the favorites. The first series will begin at 3:30 a.m. ET on Saturday, October 28.

The second series of the semifinals will see another LCK versus LPL match as Samsung Galaxy go up against Team WE. Samsung had a very rocky Group Stage, but seemed to shore up their play in their impressive upset of tournament favorites Longzhu Gaming in the quarterfinals. Team WE, on the other hand, could still be any number of things. The team entered the tournament through the Play-In Stage, and hasn’t exactly been dominant in any of their matches, but they’ve play well consistently and still looks strong enough to give Samsung a run for their money in this series. The second series will begin at 3:30 a.m. ET on Sunday, October 29.