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Worlds 2017 Knockout Stage bracket

Who will move on to the semifinals?

Riot Games

The 2017 World Championship Group Stage has come to an end and we finally know exactly which teams will be advancing to the Knockout Stage. Following the conclusion of the Group Stage’s final game, Riot held the official bracket draw to determine which teams would match up against one another for the rest of the tournament.

According to Riot, there were a few rules for how the draw and what the bracket had to look like at the end. First of all, the first seed teams from each group — SK telecom T1, Longzhu Gaming, Royal Never Give Up and Team WE — will be matched up with the second place team from a different group — Cloud9, Fnatic, Samsung Galaxy and Misfits. Similarly, no teams from the same group could be on the same side of the bracket.

The Knockout Stage of the 2017 World Championship will begin next week on Thursday, October 19 with the match between Longzhu Gaming and Samsung Galaxy.