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Uzi’s Ezreal stars in RNG blowout vs. Splyce

He literally doubled his opponent in gold.

One of the most famous AD Carries ever on the Worlds stage is Royal Never Give Up’s Zi-Hao “Uzi” Jian. This is his third Worlds tournament, finishing second in both 2013 and 2014 before missing out on the event last year. While his first game this year -- against Team SoloMid on Day 1 of the group stage -- was good, game two was truly his welcome back party.

After locking in Ezreal, Uzi’s aggressive AD Carry clinic started early as he grabbed first blood 5 minutes in along with an 18 cs lead. The play itself was actually a good preview of exactly what we were going to get for the rest of the game as the Splyce bottom lane took one hit too many from RNG support Se-hyeong “Mata” Cho’s Nami, leading to Uzi arcane shifting in and for the kill.

This early advantage spiraled into absolute dominance for Uzi as he picked up a few more kills, each time jumping head first into fights he knew he could win and never letting Splyce players escape.

The crescendo of the Uzi show came in the 25th minute as RNG pushed into the Spylce base. The play starts with MLXG ward jumping into the center of Splyce causing the team to scatter. As the players run Uzi follows, perfectly selecting targets and picking them off to help RNG move on to the nexus.

Following the game, the analyst desk gave Uzi player of the game, and commented on just how decisively he took over fights. This showed on the post-game charts with him doing almost 10k more damage than anyone else in the game, and doubling his opponent’s total gold.

Riot Games

After a performance like this it’s easy to remember just why Uzi is so well regarded at international events and why so many people consider him the best laner in the world.