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TSM dominates Samsung Galaxy in 18-1 rout

After a disappointing Thursday, TSM avoids an 0-2 start.

Riot Games

North American champions Team SoloMid earned some redemption for their underwhelming start to Worlds, defeating Korea’s Samsung Galaxy in clinical form Friday, 18-1 in 34 minutes. Both teams are now 1-1 in Group D play.

Both of TSM’s Danish starters put together fantastic games: jungler Dennis “Svenskeren” Johnsen on Lee Sin and mid laner Søren “Bjergsen” Berg on Syndra.

An early outplay in the jungle by Svenskeren and a good collapse by TSM’s solo laners picked up the first two kills of the game.

Shortly after, Bjergsen turned that assist on the second kill into a solo kill against Samsung mid laner Min-ho “Crown” Lee.

Bjergsen and Svenskeren dominated the game for the next 10 minutes, picking up kills around the map and setting the pace. By 15 minutes, Bjergsen had a 50 CS lead over his opponent. By 21 minutes, TSM had a 10k gold lead.

Samsung was able to avoid fighting and stall the game out for the next seven minutes, but fell to a TSM Baron bait that very quickly turned into a 3-0 fight for the North American side.

A final fight in Samsung’s base netted TSM an ace and the win. Svenskeren was awarded Player of the Game for his 2/0/10 performance.

With the win, the final remaining undefeated region at Worlds is improbably Brazil’s CBLoL, whose lone representative INTZ e-Sports upset Chinese champion EDward Gaming Thursday.

Samsung beat Splyce in its first game of Group D action. Friday’s final Group D game will see 0-1 Splyce face 1-0 Royal Never Give Up.